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Melody Exercise Progression
Melody Exercise Progression version 2

In this interactive class, Allie Moss leads 3 short songwriting exercises designed to take the pressure off and flex your writing muscles. The book Allie mentioned is "Songwriting Without Boundaries" by Pat Pattison.


00:01:39 Intro
00:04:48 Sense-Bound Writing
00:08:36 First Exercise
00:11:07 Exercise Ends
00:11:51 First Exercise Round 2
00:14:12 Exercise Ends
00:15:23 Metaphor Collision
00:18:18 Exercise Starts
00:28:48 Exercise Ends
00:29:54 Class Shares
00:34:07 Melody
00:35:15 Melody Exercise Starts
00:37:21 Exercise Ends
00:38:11 Exercise Round 2 Starts
00:45:47 Exercise Ends  
00:47:13 Melody Pointers
00:52:20 Wrap Up

Allie Moss is an artist, songwriter, sideman to Ingrid Michaelson, vocal coach, and co-founder of Thinking Outside the Blocks.

Get 1-1 guidance from Lisa on YOUR song

Participants in this 2-week live workshop will build a complete MIDI drum arrangement for a song under the supervision of drummer/songwriter Lisa Kacos. Class capacity is limited to 5 participants.

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