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MUSIC THEORY FOR SONGWRITERS is a 9-part course led by Bess Rogers. This course covers basics that every songwriter should know, like scales and melodies, chords and progressions, rhythm breakdowns, and how to write easy-to-read charts!

This course is for you if:

  • You have musical ideas in your head but can’t always figure them out on your instrument or voice
  • You feel repetitive, limited and bored with the music you write
  • Things in your songs don’t sound quite right but you’re not sure why
  • You don’t know how to communicate what you want to other musicians
  • You feel like you’re “fishing” for notes and chords, rather than knowing what you want to hear

Music Theory for Songwriters will help you feel so much more confident in your writing and musicianship. Also, don’t buy into the myth that it’s boring. It’s actually really fun!

Included in this purchase is 9 video lessons,* a PDF of class notes & practice homework for each lesson, and one-on-one email feedback from us to answer any questions about what you learned.

Purchase now and immediately dive in to:
Part 1- Scales and Melodies
Part 2- Major and Minor Chords
Part 3- Beyond the Basic Chords
Part 4- Color Chords
Part 5- Inversions, Voicings and Voice Leading
Part 6- Rhythm & Time
Part 7- Identifying Keys
Part 8- Key Changes
Part 9- How to Write a Chord Chart

*These video lessons are previously-recorded live classes. In 2022, we will be re-recording new versions of these same lessons which will be provided to you at no additional cost. They are yours to watch forever.

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