The Art of Metrics: How Keeping Data Can Fuel Creativity with Aaron Shafer-Haiss

Spreadsheets and data get a bad rep as the antithesis of creativity. But there are ways you can use your analytical left brain to free up and even supercharge your creative right brain!

In this class, we will explore different ways that keeping data can boost your creativity, help you tap more of your inspiration, and also help with writing ruts and navigating the peaks and valleys of a creative career.

Aaron Shafer-Haiss is a Nashville-based music producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. In his studio Vacationland, he’s worked with such artists as Caroline Spence, Kyshona, and Michaela Anne. His original music is regularly featured in syncs on ABC, CBS, Netflix, and HBO, and his work as an assistant composer to Osei Essed can be heard on the critically acclaimed HBO documentary True Justice: The Brian Stevenson Story. Most recently, he has launched a podcast called The Other 22 Hours, which features conversations with musicians about the tools and routines they’ve found to stay creative, inspire, healthy, and sane while building a career around their art.

Connect with Aaron on socials here: @shaferhaiss and

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