Vocal FX in Logic Pro w Lisa Kacos & Allie Moss

Once you record and edit your vocals, the next step is sculpting them into sounding their best with EQ, compression, and reverb. These skills are the core of mixing audio, and having a basic understanding will be a huge help for every instrument in your track, especially the vocals. Even if you plan to hire a mix engineer, it’s still incredibly beneficial to learn how these tools work. We learn by doing, and you don’t need to be an expert to start digging in!

In this class, Lisa will give a simple introduction to EQ, compression, and reverb, using one of Allie’s Logic Pro projects to demonstrate, and Allie will discuss different styles of vocal treatment and how you can use some of your favorite recordings as a guide.

Lisa Kacos is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and educator living in Nashville, TN. 
Allie Moss is an artist, vocal coach, and co-leader of Thinking Outside the Blocks.

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